Please note that I cover all of London & Surrey. For any other areas please ask!

Party Games! From an Experienced Entertainer’s Perspective

Every once in a while people ask me whether I include games as part of my party package. My answer to this is that in general I tend not to. This is often to due to the fact that I’ll be working in a house or a flat and there isnt room. Also I’ve found in my experience that on a consistent basis that balloon modelling, rocket balloons, magic, bubbles, mascots, & stencils/face painting all tend to work better. For example, something as simple as a super powerful hand held bubble machine (in my experience) will always truimph over a game of pass the parcel in terms of fun and energy 🙂 Plus with most games older children (8 upwards) tend not to particuarly interested, which is something (again in my experience) that can’t be said of the core activities that I offer. Please note that I’m not critising any entertainer that offers games or anybody that wants to have games at their party.  They can & do work well, and upon occasion I use them still, but in general due to space, time, and consistency and the fact that some games (limbo) require two people to supervise I tend to use them quite rarely.

Another party today in canning town. I’m in west ham territory again 🙂 Repeat clients, lovely people and a great time had by all. Lots of pictures of me as  Mickey Mouse, and one of the girls who was a great sport as Minnie! Pictures to follow! 13/10/13

It’s been a great fun weekend for me working at putney lesiure centre. I was doing a children’s party and attempting to cover my clown shoes with the customary poolside blue bags, whilst rounding the kids up for the party upstairs! All went well, the usual recipe of balloon modelling, rocket balloons, bubbles and magic went down a storm. A great time had by all including myself! I genuinely feel luck and privileged to do this job!  5/10/13

A philisophical post with regard to the art of children’s entertaining. From time to time I check out the websites of fellow kids entertainers mainly out of curiosity and to see if there’s services or things that they offer that I could incorporate in to my buisness, or how I approach things. Interestingly I’ve noticed some recurring themes, such as 1 entertainer being able only to deal with 25 children. I do understand this but I don’t agree. It’s not necessarily the amount of children that determines how busy I’ll be, or how much work I’ll have to do. For instance if you have 30-40 kids, its quite likely that a few of them will be under the age of 2, which means that they don’t require the same level of attention from any entertainer, without meaning to sound harsh. Plus if there are other things going on perhaps a bouncy castle, or a disco, I’m not the only source of entertainment, so there’s a bit more breathing space for me to do the balloons and stencils/face painting. Although I will round everyone up for the magic show and the bubbles!

Also even if there are kids waiting for a balloon there are ways of keeping them occupied and engaged. Book me, and I’ll tell you all about this 🙂 Again I’ve noticed that some entertainers show some real elaborate balloon designs on their sites ; please note that I’m not criticising anyone for this, but the reality is that with the majority of kids parties there isn’t time for the real intricate designs. Plus even if you’re a fantastic balloon modeller, and you’re fast (like me!)  you’ve got about 40 minutes (in my estimation) before the children get disinterested. The key for me is to keep the children entertained. Sometimes you can have a great magic show (again like me!) but if you ask  the kids what they want to do, they may prefer chasing a load of bubbles around the room/hall. After they’re knackered it’s time for the magic show! 🙂

Please note that I cover all of London and the surrounding areas. For destinations further afield please ask!


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